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What is HOME? Home is Family, Love, Nostalgia, Tradition, Culture and Celebration.

What is El Comal Tortillas? El Comal is HOME when you pull the tortillas from the skillet to your table!!

El Comal Fresh & Authentic Tortilla products is a story about dedication, hard-work, commitment to quality and innovation, growth and advancement for our people and fairness for our business partners.

Since its inception, El Comal Team with over one hundred years of collective experience has been truly committed to produce high quality, health conscious tortillas and related products with high nutritional value. Always avant-garde in creating a variety of flavorful products reminding our loyal followers of our heritage and the warmth of our traditions and flavors passed on from our past generations!!

With its variety of products such as authentic Sonora style flour tortillas, sopes, huaraches, totopos and buñuelos El Comal has a passion to make every meal a deep connection with Family, Friends, Tradition, Culture and our love for cooking!!

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